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Guides help you learn about biodiversity all around the world. Whether you're exploring the Serengeti or just your local park (which might be the Serengeti), Guides can help you make sense of our planet's stunning diversity of life.

Amphibians of Fundy National Park / Amphibiens du parc national Fundy

A guide to amphibian species observed in Fundy National Park. For more information about Fundy National Park, please visit: Un guide des espèces d'amphibiens observées dans le parc national Fundy. Pour en savoir plus long sur le parc, visitez le: ...

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Fifty-five Fabulous Fundy Flower Flies- An intro to the Syrphidae of the Upper Bay of Fundy

In the hopes that this will inspire others to take a closer look at these amazing insects and some of our most important pollinators, here is a guide showcasing an array of some of our magnificent Syrphids. This guide covers about one sixth of the species of Flower Flies (aka Hover Flies) that o...

Bumble Bees of New Brunswick, Canada

A preliminary guide to species of bumblebees found or likely to be found in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. The guide includes one or several images of each species as well as some natural history notes. It is definitely a work in progress. Suggestions for improvement welcome!

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Dragonflies and Damselflies of Fundy National Park and Surrounding Region

As of early 2018, 67 species of Odonata have officially been recorded in Fundy National Park (i.e with an identifiable image or specimen). Another two species have been recorded as sight records only. There are likely at least 75 species here, perhaps as many as 90, given the mix of freshwater ha...

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