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Guides help you learn about biodiversity all around the world. Whether you're exploring the Serengeti or just your local park (which might be the Serengeti), Guides can help you make sense of our planet's stunning diversity of life.

Butterflies of Alberta

All the butterflies of alberta, this list includes all species, and all subspecies apart from the nominate ones. Missing Tharsalea mariposa sperlingi, Glaucopsyche lygdamus afra, Boloria bellona jenistai, Boloria improba nunatak, Phyciodes batesii saskatchewan, Lethe anthedon borealis, Cercyoni...

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Invertebrates (arthropods and molluscs) of Boisé du Tremblay

A list of invertebrates (insects, spiders, snails and relatives) observed in the Boisé du Tremblay, updated on October 19, 2022. - Une liste des invertébrés (insectes, araignées, escargots et apparentés) observés dans le Boisé du Tremblay, mise à jour le 19 octobre 2022.

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Tortue terrestre Québec, Canada 🐢🇨🇦

Guide d’identification des plantes canadiennes et québécoises comestibles pour tous les propriétaires de tortue terrestre du Canada et du Québec. Légende sur la consommation : 🟢 À volonté 🟡 Avec modération 🔴 À éviter (toxique) Liens utiles : • Plantes comestibles/toxiques (UK) : htt...

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Edible plants in the Val St Francois qc area

To help me remember where and when things are in my general area! Please if using this guide obv double check and don't get urself unalived 🤷

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Winter Birds of Alberta

Birding doesn't stop when it's winter.

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The Snakes of Ontario

All the species, (and sub-species) of Snakes (Suborder serpentes) that can be found natively in Ontario. Timber Rattlesnakes were also once native to Ontario, however they became extirpated from the province in the early 1960s.

Edited by danielcarver

Trees (and some shrubs) of Canada

Created for the Lakehead University NRMT 1010 course- Forest Plants of Canada

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Fishes of the Wildlands

This is the list of Fish found in Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park and Connected Systems - contact Park for further information

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Invasive Fauna of the Central Kootenay

The species in this guide have been identified by the provincial government as priority invasive faunal species in BC. These species are managed by priority levels: Prevent, Provincial Early Detection and Rapid Response, Provincial Containment, Regional Containment/Control, and Management. ...

Edited by ckiss_kootenay

Asters and Goldenrods (Astereae) of Ontario

Ontario's flora includes about 35 species once classified as "Aster" (now split into Symphyotrichum, Oligoneuron, Eurybia, Oclemena, Canadanthus, Doellingeria) and about 30 species of goldenrods (Solidago). NOTE: iNat observations of all of these species in Ontario require major curation (man...

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Saskatchewan Fish

Fish species of Saskatchewan. List created by Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre (

Edited by skcdc, and a_b

Saskatchewan Mammals

Mammals of Saskatchewan. List created by Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre (

Edited by skcdc, and a_b

Saskatchewan Herptiles

Amphibians, Turtles and Reptiles of Saskatchewan. List created by the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre (

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Noxious and Invasive Plants of Calgary, AB

This guide aims to educate users in recognizing some of Alberta's invasive plants and to help document their distribution. The following list includes noxious and invasive plants outlined by the Province of Alberta and City of Calgary as prohibited noxious weeds and plants. There are man...

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Invasive Plants of Surrey, BC

Cover Photo by Sugar Bee on Unsplash

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Mammals of Awenda

This guide contains a comprehensive list of mammal species seen in Awenda Provincial Park. This is a guide to the Checklist of Mammals available in the park store, printed and coordinated by the Friends of Awenda. The Checklist of Mammals is a product of records generated by scientific research a...

Edited by awendapp, and braymade

Lichens of Nova Scotia, Canada

TEST VERSION Mainly macrolichens, based on those species listed in the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre non-vascular species ranks for Nova Scotia.

Edited by icbryson

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park Insects for Pond Study

A general list of possible aquatic insects to find in our lakes for our Bioblitz. Please join us for our Bioblitz on July 13, 2019!

Birds of the Okanagan-Similkameen

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen is a very large (just over 10,000 square km) area with a great deal of natural diversity in both habitat and species. The habitats range from endangered native grasslands and sagebrush scrub, Ponderosa pine meadows, to high sub-alpine. According t...

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Urban trees of Ontario

This is a guide for helping to identify and ultimately protect urban trees in Ontario.

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Wild bees (and some wasps) of Toronto

This list includes some of the more than 350 species of bee found in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Canaiad's Freshwater Mussels of Canada

Diagnostics, Distribution and Biology of native unionids of Canada

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Plants of Pike Lake Provincial Park

This is a guide to plants observed in Pike Lake Provincial Park. For more information about Pike Lake Provincial Park, please visit:

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