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Discover our Sea Jelly Species

Wobble through this wonderful zone as you discover the most mystical creatures of the sea. 

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Moon Jellies

Moon Jelly

Moon Jellies are found in most oceans, inshore estuaries and harbours around the world. Special feeding tentacles are equipped with stinging cells to capture small prey that are dragged inward towards the mouth. The Moon Jelly is a favourite food of many species of turtle!

Jelly Blubbers

Jelly Blubber

The jelly blubber is encountered commonly across the Australian east coastline. Jelly blubbers do not have a mouth, instead they have lots of tiny openings on their tentacles.


Upside down jellyfish

Upside down jellyfish are a rather unique jelly. Unlike other Jellies, that float and swim around wherever the currents take them, these jellies have decided to check out life from another angle. Often they are found in extremely large numbers, completely carpeting the bottom of lagoons with hundreds of little pulsing bodies.

Jelly Feed

What do jellyfish eat?

Ever wondered what we feed our jellyfish? Or even how we feed them? 

Our jellyfish are fed artemia or brine shrimp multiple times a day. The process to harvest this artemia to get it jellyfish ready is quite a long one! Check out our jelly keeper Ben's, daily jellyfish feeding routine. 

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