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Hi! I'm polar_bear_finder_26, a teen nature enthusiast. I love all animals, especially polar bears. Although I do have a newfound fascination for birds, so I've been trying to pay more attention to the aves that I see. I'm also going to try and ID more birds.
I observe from around Ohio and the areas around the United States that I travel to frequently, and I'll ID lots of animals, and occasionally plants, around the places I've observed.
Please feel free to use any of my observation photos as long as you contact me first!
Feel free to tag me to ID your observations and I’ll try my best. I'm still new to iNat, but I'd love to help out! I mainly ID mammals, birds, and wildflowers, though I'll sometimes ID reptiles or amphibians as well.
I speak English and a little bit of Spanish.
I enjoy photography and zoology, and hope to work at the Cincinnati Zoo one day. My eternal favorite animal is the polar bear, hence my username! On the side, I love art, so I do field notes as well as draw wildlife for fun!
I mainly use a phone camera, handheld digital Canon camera from six years ago, and occasionally a camcorder to observe. I am NOT a professional, although I hope I'll become one someday.

Happy observing!!!

<3 polar_bear_finder_26

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