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Great cities have great nature! Urban explorer and nature nerd living in Calgary, AB Canada.
If you're reading this, you've likely helped with an ID or responded to a comment. Thank you for you're help and I'm happy to make your acquaintance.

My background is in Geography (BSc Honours University of Calgary 2019) and Urban Ecology (Technische Universität Berlin Urban Ecosystem Sciences Study Abroad). My thesis on the Vegetation Structure and Composition of St. Patrick's Island (Calgary) is what brought me to iNaturalist as a means to create an ongoing record of everything living at the park. I'm interested in questions that surround birds/mammals, invasive plants, and urban soils, and of course, human interaction with the natural environment. iNaturalist is a powerful tool that I enjoy using to learn about my passions... and all of the other things I never could of imagined.

I am the organizer of City Nature Challenge Calgary ( and work with community groups to host bioblitzes and citizen science events ( Although, many of these are geared towards data collection, I also use iNaturalist to investigate patterns of biodiversity and user observations for monitoring programs. I believe iNaturalist has the potential for unprecedented collaboration between citizens, decision makers, and researchers and can benefit all of us through shared experience.

I am always open to collaborative projects and new ideas! If you'd like to connect you can email me at or send me a msg here!



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